4 Factors to Consider When Selecting Pallets by Shippers

Without a doubt, wood is still the most common pallet material used in most countries. However, the advent of plastic pallets has brought about a shift in preference with approximately five percent of shippers deeming it a better choice when it comes to movement of goods. With a wide variety of pallets at ones disposal, one ends up being lost for choice. However, as a shipper there are many factors you ought to consider prior to making a choice on what pallet to use. Those factors are discussed below:

Understanding the Differences

The shipper ought to know the differences between wood pallets and plastic pallets. Wood pallets are repairable, recyclable, inexpensive, and are able to hold more weight. However, they harbor bugs, they splinter, give off moisture and some contain fasteners that are damaging to the products being transported. On the other hand, plastic pallets are bug-free, clean, contain no fasteners, weather-resistant and are durable. However, they are three times more expensive than wood pallets, irreparable, have a fire safety rating and are not as stiff.

Analysis of the Pallet Management System

Shippers who do not operate in a closed-loop management system and are planning to use wood pallets should consider having a third party since they would have to make payments per trip and not per pallet. This would also translate to the cost being transferred to the customer. On the other hand, if you use plastic, it would be wise to get back your pallets and in case you are not satisfied with the return rates, you should consider external pallet management.

Product Fragility

Most wood pallets have fasteners that may end up causing problems particularly with fragile items. For example, if paint cans are being shipped the fasteners might loosen up and puncture the cans hence damaging the product. Therefore, plastic would be the right choice for the products being moved. However, in the case of tough goods, those that are not easily damaged such as machinery wood pallets would make the better choice when it comes to shipment.

Recognize Environmental Impact

Plastic pallets are more durable and can be reused, however if damaged, they are irreparable since they are manufactured from oil and hence they would have to be melted down during the process of recycling them. Wood pallets on the other hand are derivatives of natural resources and can be easily recycled and repaired when damaged.