Tips for Recycling Scrap Metal

Whether you recycle scrap metal for money or just because you're very Eco-conscious and want to support recycling in every way you can, it's good to understand how the process works. You need to know what local recycling companies will accept and the common terms you may come across.

You may also want to understand how to make the most money from your recycling efforts. Note a few tips in this regard:

1. Understanding terms

You may see terms in the recycling industry like "wet automobile" versus "dry automobile;" a wet automobile is virtually intact with all its fluids still in place. A dry automobile will be drained of fluid. An "incomplete car" will be missing major parts, such as those taken from an accident scene or which have been stripped of reusable parts. You may also see different codes for steel that can be recycled; this refers to the type of steel it is and how it's often used.

Understanding the basic terminology used in scrap metal recycling will ensure you know what items are accepted by a recycling company and how to sort the items you might bring in, so take some time to acquaint yourself with these terms.

2. Know the most valuable items

To make money from recycling scrap metal, know the most valuable items and keep up with this information every day, as this might change over time. Copper is often very valuable to recyclers because it's much more rare than steel. However, knowing the value of items can tell you not just which metals to look out for when it comes to recycling, but if it's good to concentrate on getting larger amounts of metals that are readily available.

For instance, you may not be able to find much discarded copper to recycle, but if you can collect steel shavings from a local production facility, you might get quite a bit of money very quickly and easily.

3. Don't overlook electronics

Electronics such as phones and computers are often thought of as being plastic, because of their plastic casing. Electronics will usually have a large amount of metal inside, in order to conduct the electricity and computer signals needed for them to run.

Talk to your local recycling center about items like computer towers and servers, cell phones, printers, fax machines, batteries, and the like. You might be surprised at how much recyclable metal these contain and the price you might get for them along with your standard scrap metal. Contact a company such as Pabani Metals to learn more.