Benefits of Recycling Scrap Metal

Scrap metal recycling is becoming increasingly important to homeowners and industries in order to meet the objectives of environmental conservation and energy conservation and management of resources. Most metals can be recycled without losing their value. There are many scrap recyclers and companies that recycle metal from households and industry.

Some benefits of recycling metal include;

  • Energy conservation. Recycling metal saves more energy as compared to making it from raw material.
  • Environmental conservation through reduction of green house gas emission during refinery of raw materials for metal.
  • Leads to economic growth through creation of jobs for scrap metal recyclers and companies.
  • Reduction of waste and water usage. Recycling scrap metal as opposed to making metal from virgin ore saves on water usage.

In order to understand the importance of scrap metal recycling, one needs to understand the value of different metals and energy invested in its manufacture. The commonly recycled metals include the following.


Aluminium is one of the most abundant metals on the earth's crust. It is recyclable without losing quality. Aluminium is used in an array of household, construction and industrial processes. These include making ladders, door knobs, window frames, gutters, foils, cans, bottle caps and kitchen utensils. In cars, aluminium is used in space bars, hoods, suspension components, impellers and engine blocks. Recycling aluminium saves more energy used in making it. With aluminium alone, most scrap metal recyclers can achieve their overall recycling objectives.


Copper is a commonly used metal due to its high resistance to corrosion. It is commonly used in making of electric wires, lightning rods, plumb pipes, roofing materials, saucepans and radiators. Alloys of copper such as brass are used in making jewellery. A substantial proportion of the world's demand for copper is met by recycled copper. It is therefore a valuable metal to scrap metal recyclers.


Steel is an alloy of iron and one of the most sought after metals by scrap recyclers. It is used widely in making door knobs, handrails, kitchen cutlery, sinks and exhaust systems in cars. 

Other commonly recycled metals include brass, nickel, gold, silver and lead. Scrap metal recyclers find it hard to recover some of the scrap, especially in households where scrap metal is usually disposed. It is important to learn the benefits of recycling metal so the next time you come across used metal, you can hand it over to scrap metal recyclers. Contact a business like Sydney Copper Recycling if you have specific questions about scrap metal recycling.