4 Reasons Everyone Should Recycle Scrap Metal, at Home and at Your Business

If you don't recycle scrap metal, either because you think it's too cumbersome or because you think metal is natural and therefore not harmful to the environment when tossed away, you may want to reconsider your decision. There are many benefits to recycling scrap metal, both at home and at your business. Consider a few of those benefits here.

1. Recycling keeps metal out of landfills

Regardless of whether the material is toxic as it breaks down, metal items can clog landfills and, in turn, cause more to be needed. When you bring metal to a recycling plant, you are keeping it out of landfills so there is more room in those locations for materials that cannot be recycled and which must be disposed of instead.

2. Harvesting raw materials for metal can damage the environment

Metals may be natural and harvested rather than produced in a factory, but harvesting the raw iron ore and other materials needed to create metal products can be very damaging to the environment. This is true even if those processes don't create as much pollution as a factory, as there is often drilling and digging needed for this harvesting. The heavy-duty equipment needed for this work creates emissions, and the processes used for harvesting can upset the soil and surrounding groundwater.

When you recycle metals, you create less need for new materials. In turn, there is less harvesting that needs to be done and less damage to the environment.

3. Recycling is a labor-intensive business

Recycling is not something that can be done with computers alone; it's a very labor-intensive business. This means that the more you recycle, the more jobs that are created in your local area. Those recycling plants will need to hire persons to sort materials and run them through the recycling machines that break them down and reform them. The more jobs created, the healthier your local economy.

4. Recycling your metals allows manufacturers to use recycled materials

If you've ever wondered why more manufacturers don't use recycled materials in their products, consider that sometimes it's because there simply are not enough recycled materials from which to choose. If consumers and production facilities don't recycle their scrap metal, there are no recycled metals for manufacturers to purchase, or there is so little that the price goes up, and virgin materials become more affordable. Recycling your own materials encourages manufacturers to use recycled equipment, and, in turn, everyone is doing their part to save the environment and create jobs in the recycling industry.

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